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First Coast Shag Club is a shag dance organization located in Jacksonville, Florida. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving the heritage of beach music and shag dancing; to educating and teaching others the art of shag dancing; to providing our members and guests with dance opportunities; to informing our members of beach music and shag dancing activities.

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Club Bylaws

The First Coast Shag Club (FCSC) is a not-for-profit social organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Carolina Shag Dancing and Beach Music. FCSC is incorporated in the state of Florida and is governed by bylaws. The club is also a member of the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC). The club colors are blue and white. FCSC has chosen The American Cancer Society as its named charity. Each year we contribute the proceeds from at least one fund raising activity to this worthy cause. In an effort to keep the club running smoothly, our club has the typical bylaws, and it also has standing rules and guidelines as listed below. To view the files listed below, you must have a PDF reader installed.

Standing Rules
Advertising Guidelines (Addendum A)
Shag Curriculum (Addendum B)
Disc Jockey Guidelines (Addendum C)
Website Guidelines (Addendum D)
Shag Membership (Addendum E)
Spirit of Shag Award (Addendum F)

Club History

The First Coast Shag Club began in 1991 at Flashback Lounge in a bowling center by a group of dancers dedicated to having fun and learning the Carolina Shag dance under the instruction of Kelly Cordell. The club was officially formed on February 7, 1993, with 28 members. Its first officers were: Kelly Cordell, President/ Director; Fred Carter, Vice President/Director; Anne Jernigan [Henry] Secretary/Treasurer/Director. David King was the first Sergeant-at-Arms. FCSC's first DJ was Hershel Maddox. Since that time, FCSC has been fortunate to foster many other Shag DJs.

In May 1993, a club newsletter, "The Shag Rag" was created. The newsletter has since been replaced by our website www.firstcoastshagclub.org.

FCSC was voted in the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC) on January 15, 1994. The FCSC has built and sponsored floats to enter the annual SOS parade in Myrtle Beach.

The club outgrew the bowling center lounge and moved to Bimini Lounge at the Marriott Hotel at Southpoint. When Marriott closed the lounge, and after a few stops along the way, the club currently dances at River City Brewing Company on Tuesdays. The club has also expanded to Sliders at Fernandina Beach on Sundays. FCSC provides free shag lessons to members and guests. Two shag DVDs are available for purchase to provide additional instruction and revenue for the Club. The membership continues to grow (now over 200) and the shag is alive in Jacksonville.

FCSC is primarily for "promoting and preserving the shag dance" and funds are used for benefit of the members. The club also donates funding, time and effort into supporting charitable events. The club’s designated charity is the American Cancer Society. The club also extends support to the ACSC and SOS by contributing to the Junior Shaggers Association, the Ellen Taylor Foundation for Junior Shaggers, and SOS events, including sponsoring a hole in their charity Golf event and selling raffle tickets for Fun Monday.

We are proud to have four members recognized with an ACSC Shagging Icon Award – Anne Henry, Allen Henry, LaVerne Horton, and Vickie Hyde.

Current members in the Florida Shag Dance Hall of Fame include Kelly Cordell, Shirley Cordell, Anne Henry, Starling Jones (deceased), Jane Harrington, David King, Vickie Hyde, Tony Gonzalez, Roger Reynolds, Doug Harrington, Paul Spaulding, Patricia Gonzalez, Allen Henry, LaVerne Horton, Lorrie DeFrank, Bill Winn (deceased), and Fred Groover.

FCSC has many talented dancers who have competed in the Competitive Shaggers Association (CSA) and the Shag Preservation Association (SPA) dance contests throughout South and North Carolina. FCSC also has two grandchildren of club members who have competed in CSA dance contests.

The club established a precision dance team named "The Pivoteers" and performed club exhibitions for events throughout the State. FCSC sponsored the "Fabulous Fossils" band which performed at the 2008 and 2009 Anniversary Parties, and the 2009 ACSC Summer Workshop.

FCSC hosted two highly successful ACSC Workshops in Florida July 9-12, 2009 (first ACSC Workshop in Florida) and July of 2012.

Past Presidents


Kelly Cordell
Wayne Pierce
LaVerne Horton
Paul Spaulding
Vickie Hyde
Pat Gonzalez
Janis Mylod
Tony Gonzalez
Anne Henry
Allen Henry
LaVerne Horton
Laura Howerton
John LiBrandi



2018 Executive Board

Executive Board, from left: Kathi Aultman, Allen Henry, Sandy Caulder, Jim Chaffman, Bob Dorough, John LiBrandi, LaVerne Horton, Vickie Hyde, Lorrie DeFrank. Not pictured: Jimmy Ludwig.


John LiBrandi
Jim Chaffman
Lorrie DeFrank
Sandy Caulder
Kathi Aultman
Jimmy Ludwig
Allen Henry
Vickie Hyde
LaVerne Horton


Vice President
Past President

Club DJs

Tony Gonzalez
Paul "Pivot Man" Spaulding
"Duke of Earl" Earl Yeomans
"Cadillac" Ray Gahafer

Jane Harrington
Gary Jones
Jimmy Lucree
Jerry (Dr. Juice) Munson